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In order to prolong the safe operation of the pool, periodic maintenance of all its systems - is a necessary procedure.


Daily maintenance of the pool may hold any person who has received basic technical skills and boasting a "passport pool" (a set of executive documentation from the installation company, to build a pool).

However, periodic maintenance of swimming pools, requires a fairly highly qualified personnel.


Besides simple preventive maintenance care of bowl basin and separate components of the process equipment, there is a complex procedural works that can only perform specialists.

Daily maintenance

Checking the noise and vibration of operating equipment

Check availability of the equipment mechanical damage

Checking the piping and equipment for leaks water and chemical reagents

Verification provisions of valves

Check availability of an adequate supply of chemicals

Checking skimmers and prefilter for debris and cleaning

Checking the level of pollution of all filters hand washing and flushing them if necessary , but not less than 1 time in 2 weeks

Verifying all lighting equipment, lamp replacement if necessary

Check for contamination of the pool . If necessary, garbage collection and water cleaner special equipment

Checking the operating equipment parameters , concentrations of chemicals and their adjustment

 Weekly maintenance

Checking work of all water attractions

Checking the operating the parameters of all dosing stations and controls equipment

Checking the timers on the devices, their clarification if necessary

Test the solenoid valves, adjustment, repair, if necessary, replace.

Monthly maintenance 

Servicing stations, chemical dosing systems, ozonation 

Water quality testing on the basic parameters by means of special devices 

Cleaning, testing, calibration and adjustment of the pH electrode, Cl, level sensors, temperature sensors, the concentration of ozone in water and air 

Vacuum cleaning of the pool water

Quarterly maintenance                

 Servicing stations, chemical dosing systems, ozonation

Check  condition of  the contacts of all the equipment, broaching contacts

Checking ball valves for leaks, replace if necessary

Once a year is recommended to change  the water in the bowl basin with a sink and cleaning the walls and bottom by  special tools, redecorating bowl, washing and cleaning the whole pipeline equipment. Timely and professional maintenance of the pool - the key a long and uninterrupted operation.

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