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What is the advantage of lessons in the pool, perhaps all already know . Performing fitness program in the water, you can strengthen all the muscles, while the load on joints and spine will be minimal. Besides during training in safe water: hurt yourself, get hurt there is almost impossible. Especially good are lessons in the pool for overweight women (including pregnant). Their effectiveness is provided  by unique properties of the environment:for  person, three forces act simultaneously - the hydrostatic pressure, which improves blood circulation and reduces muscle tension, ejection force, reduces the load on the spine and joints, and water resistance, forcing more effort.What can you do in a swimming pool, we have already told, today's talk is  about  for what  you will need the isntructor's help in water.



 What to do


The noble goals are to lose weight, strengthen muscles, smooth and tone the skin, develop joint flexibility can break on nothing: you regularly go to swim and pounds do not disappear, and the monotony of training tires. Here will come for help  our experienced trainer. He will pick an interesting program suited to your purpose, teach movements and most importantly - will check the correctness of their implementation. Pool is able to offer a variety of interesting physical activities! Even if you hear their names for the first time, it will depend on the coach, will you spend the time and energy on their development.

Competitive swimming. When  learn how to swim all want to swim with the instructor, then those who have kept steadily on the water, often prefer to train  alone. And it's enough to simply maintain tonic. But if you want to achieve the result (to learn a new style, lose weight, pump up certain muscle groups), it is better to resort to the help of our coach. Experienced instructors will help  to master the sport of swimming and breathing properly  and compliance. 


Water aerobics. Analogue of fitness, but in water, aerobics improves overall body tone, improve your shape, strengthens muscles and helps to get rid of excess weight. Even the simplest movements require more effort in water than on land, and therefore contributes to the minimum intensity of the expression "Slimming" effect.For trained are held strength workouts.

Trainings for pregnants. Classes in the pool will help keep in top shape during pregnancy. Water aerobics classes are the most comfortable and safest type of fitness for pregnant moms. And the coach always selects the optimal load, effective set of exercises will help to solve some problems (turn the the baby sitting in mom's tummy to the pope, it is possible in water alone!) In advanced clubs for expectant mothers, there are special swimming pools: hydromassage and different temperature regimes.

Diving. This fashionable sport- hobby is also possible to learn in hometown in the pool. You can't do it without coach , because even outfit  not everyone can wear alone. Especially learn how to breathe and move underwater.

"Use" of our coach

The task of Coach is not limited by learning proper use of equipment necessary for employment, whether it is a wetsuit or "banana". Good, qualified instructor will always find the best way to achieve your desired result, recommend diet and individual training schedule: may be you should go to  swim three times ,five or two ... or  don't need to swim by crawl ...

In addition, self-floundering in the water, you can hardly be able to evaluate your own mistakes and

achievements. Coach will  always  advise you and morally support ,even if the results are not as obvious as you wuold like, it also worth it.The  coach unlike us not just selects arbitrary exercise with maximum effects  but also well understands the nature of each movement and can explain how it affects every organ in the body individually and as a whole  which muscles are involved in this case.

A beginner in water often feels uncomfortable, can not find exit from a situation, if he can not do the specific exercise, so necessary for the realization of desires (well, does not roll upside down but should!). And often the problem lies there, right there - on the surface or rim. And so  not to waste time and money, should consult with trainer. And if the coach will also know what problems you need to solve, the work will be priceless.

Of course, the instructor must be competent and experienced. Therefore, choosing a coach, do not be lazy to ask about his education, skills, personal qualities (not everyone came to the swimming pool for sporting achievements, hence the coach with the understanding should relate to your physical form). And of course, the only coach under the force to make every lesson entertaining, interested in particular sport,on  his charisma often holds an interest in lessons. And  successful voyage to you!

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