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SEKO has been a significant manufacturer of metering pumps and dosing systems for over 40 years. It has gained a worldwide leader position in many fields by supplying innovating products and offering reliable solutions for the dosing, injection and transfer of liquids, together with an efficient control of the related chimical parameters. 

Specialized in the design and production of peristaltic pump, solenoid metering pumps, motor drivenmetering pumps, measure and control instruments for pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidty, free chlorine, SEKO operates in the global market with three business units.

<< VIP POOL >> is the only official representative of company SEKO in Armenia.

Crystal clear water in the pool is a visiting card of any pool.

For keeping water clean in your pool  should be used regularly appropriate chemicals and is required care filtration equipment. That is necessary qualified person who  can look after the poolbevery day, especially if the pool is used for commercial purposes.

But every owner of a private swimming pool (or his staff) wants  to approach the pool equipment as seldom as possible (other worries are enough), and in public swimming pools is generally desirable to eliminate  "human factor" as much as possible. Conclusion: without automating the process of water treatment at the present stage can not be done.

Automatic dosing system will facilitate your daily care of the pool. With these devices, all water parameters are always normal compensating any deviations from the set parameters. So you avoid an unpleasant surprise in the morning to find your water murky green or if you suddenly forget about the chemicals.

For public swimming pools automatic dosing system is strongly recommended because the quality of water depends directly on the reputation of the pool. To have a permanent crystal clear water is  necessary constant monitoring of water parameters that change very quickly especially during large flow of wanting to swim. Automatic dosing system not only detects deviations immediately, but immediately fetch the necessary dose of chemicals depending on these changes.

 With these systems, you will find solutions to many problems that you have encountered so far. 

The most important thing is that you relax and dosing system care about your stay! 

Company "VIP POOL" offers dosing equipment.

Contact us and we will always help You giving a good advice.

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