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Complex service of pools

Company «VIP POOL" offers a complete range of services for hydraulic engineering structures, including an instant delivery of chemically and biologically active cleaning agents and technology training for the care of the pool staff working with you.

Cooperation with our company will allow you to never bother yourself worries about how to clean your pool.

Is working correctly filter system?

How does  work the service of pools?

How is the proper chemical treatment of water?        

On these and many other questions concerning integrated services of hydraulic structures for you   have prepared answers  «VIP POOL" specialists.


Maintenance of swimming pools: what does it do?

Despite the fact that the pools are built on 2% of land in Armenia, their service is still entrusted to unqualified people - cleaners, gardeners, and sometimes the security service.From the standpoint of some owners hydraulic structures is enough to install modern equipment pools ( in some cases -  can do without it), and cleaning will occur by itself. Of course, cleaning machinery and equipment microclimatic significantly simplifies the process of service, but to meet all quality cleaning constructions can not do independently.

As natural pond, each pool is exposed to various types of pollution. In view of a constant temperature maintained in this building at range 18-30 C °, in the pool water all processes related to the activity of bacteria and microorganisms, greatly accelerated. In addition to bacteriological, chemical and physical possible contamination that occurs when fluid secretions are in the pool of people in the water and hit foreign objects (hair, leaves, seeds, etc.).



Pool Maintenance: what does include this service?

Reflect on issues related to future maintenance of hydraulic structures even the most rational at this stage, as the design of the pool. If cleaning and pool maintenance is planned and  performed by the customer himself or his staff should consider the installation of additional pollution control equipment. 

Of course, additional equipment pool involves not only increasing material costs for its equipment, but also the passage of the training course for its proper operation. Consequently, the pool, the price of which is already significant, will cost the customer more expensive. Moreover, self-cleaning pool result in increased time costs related to maintenance, repair and cleaning work.

In order to save material and time expenses of the owner hydraulic structure company «VIP POOL» offers a comprehensive pool maintenance, which includes the following activities:

Quality control located in the pool of water and holding her chemicalization. The need for these works is quite obvious: the chemical pollution of water contributes to the formation of deposits on the decoration of the cup and complicates work pool equipment, which leads to crashes and complete failure of Cleaning-drain system.

As a rule, the use of chemicals is carried out in several stages. When adjusting the pH-level (increase or decrease of water hardness) entered into a pool pH regulators (stabilizers). Disinfection of water occurs through the use of chemically active agents based on chlorine. The coagulation is performed to remove microscopic particles of dirt, dust, particles and secretions of epithelium.

With the help of products, algaecides is carried out the final stage of chemicalization: Pools are cleaned from algae dispute. Cleaning of the pool. Despite the fact that the construction of swimming pools turnkey involves the use of modern sealants and grout mixtures difficult to completely avoid contamination for routine cleaning of seats is almost impossible. Pool maintenance necessarily involves a process such as cleaning the bowl structure.

Loss of natural water clarity, algal growth, the development of colonies of microorganisms - all this is a consequence of different nature rubbish accumulation in the corners and the pool in the joints of the walls and bottom. Diagnosis and maintenance of the equipment pool.Complex pool maintenance involves obligatory functionality diagnosis of equipment installed in it, cleansing it, adjustment, repair works and periodic change of filters. No matter whether you built a luxurious swimming pool, the price of which exceeds the value of some households, for children and small-sized pool, avoiding carrying out works on maintenance of these facilities will not succeed.


Failure of replacing  the filter leads to water pollution and destruction of the drain system may threaten the safety of people in the pool.

Highly qualified specialists of  hydrotechnologic  company «VIP POOL" produce a full service swimming pools irrespective of their location, prospecting depth power, configuration and destination.


Chemical treatment of the water in the pool


The pool water must be clean and completely freeof all contaminants , both visible to the naked eye , and invisible . Visible contaminants are removed mainly by the filters. Invisible pollution is not only bacteria that can multiply very quickly and cause problems , but it is also a variety of algae and fungi, which penetrate into the pool, where they create a favorable habitat . Control and fight against them is  conducted by chemical means . To have a transparent and crystal clear water , it is necessary to carry out the following chemical treatment :


The pool water is disinfected to kill bacteria, algae and fungi. Pool chemicals "burn" pollution and make the water sparkling and fresh. Most commonly practiced and considered effective products are those that contain chlorine or bromine.

In the warm water pool created the most favorable conditions for the life of various microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, algae). Just a few of bacteria and fungi are pathogens and can create the risk of infectious diseases for swimmers. However, they result in rapid propagation can lead to a substantial reduction in water quality. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the effective suppression of the activity of microorganisms, treating water disinfectants.

Water disinfection with chlorine. This variant of disinfection is the most economical, but at the same time has one significant drawback - the smell. This does not mean that the water basin will "stink of chlorine." Supporting the content of free chlorine in the water at the level of 0.3-0.5 mg / L, you will only feel a slight chlorine odor.

Mistakenly believed that the active chlorine in the water - the main culprit of eye irritation bathers, but in fact most of the blame for the quality of the water takes on the pH level, ie Chlorine is particularly corrosive in very acidic or basic environments. At constant pH regulation you will not experience any inconvenience when using your pool. It is worth noting that the disinfecting ability of chlorine decreases proportionally raise the pH, ie at lower pH levels - chlorine consumption is reduced.


Regulation of the pH level
Disinfectants are most effective in a narrow range of pH values​​. The water should not be either too alkaline or too acidic. For swimming pools and equipment for the human body is best when the pH of water lies between 7.2 and 7.6.

The pH level regulation is a necessary condition for the proper care of the water in the pool. PH shows what kind of reaction has the water - acid or alkaline - and how strong. In addition, the pH is one of the main factors that affects the disinfectants and their effectiveness. Ideal value indicator for water pH of pool water is considered range from 7.2 to 7.6.

However, depending on the amount of swimmers, the water hardness and its temperature, the pH may be quite fast and highly variable. For this reason, you should regularly check and adjust the pH level.

Constant pH level control enables the use of disinfectants in smaller quantities, as the effectiveness of the disinfectant strongly decreases with increasing pH.

As a rule, in the basins of the pH is increasing, ie increases alkalinity of water. If the pH is too high (more than 7.6), should be added to water easy to use powdered and liquid agent for lowering the pH of our products.


Combating with algae

Means against algae prevent the emergence and spread of algae in the pool. Algae, which appeared in the pool shall be destroyed using these special funds.


The flocculation

In good water filtration in the pool you will need to use fewer chemicals because the water will be clean and clear. Flocculation or coagulational funds form larger particles micropollution that settle in the filter.With constant use of your pool, even if properly operating, you can notice the deterioration of water quality. Even during normal operation of the filter, the water becomes muddy, milky color. This is because the filter can not filter out microscopic particles of dirt, they create a "milky effect."

So, the smallest particles without the use of additional steps is impossible to filter out. To improve water quality, you can use technique called flocculation or coagulation. 
Coagulation means is added to the pool water and "holds" the smallest particles, forming flakes. The filter has already hold state flakes and after the next backwashing, these contaminants will be removed from it. Water quality is improving, after filtering water is crystal clear and clean.

Removing and prevention of calcium deposits

Very often, pool owners are faced with the problem of limescale deposits on the tile and embedded elements pool ladders. Calcium is particularly noticeable on parts made ​​of polished stainless steel. To clean and prevent the formation of such a raid, there are simple in applying preparations.

Remember that pool requires proper care, and it is important to make chemical processing. Our company is ready to offer you the most modern facilities for water disinfection. Turning to us, you will receive detailed professional consultation.


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